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Help for Venues

SpaceFinder Simcoe County is a matchmaking tool for renters looking for creative space, and spaces looking to promote their rentals. Powered by nonprofit Fractured Atlas, SpaceFinder Simcoe County is free to list or search for space.

Fractured Atlas’ friendly support staff are available Monday thru Friday via

For non-technical questions related to SpaceFinder Simcoe County, please contact

For “quick fix” answers see frequently answered questions below.

Additional resources can be found in the SpaceFinder Knowledge Base.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

No problem! Click here: Reset My Password

How do I list my space?

Go to this link to get started.

My account was created by someone else at my venue who is no longer there, how do I get access?

Rather than starting a new account from scratch, contact Fractured Atlas and we’ll update the Admin access on the existing SpaceFinder account for your space.

I have multiple spaces, can I just create one listing for my whole facility?

You could, but you are missing out on a smart (and free) marketing opportunity to promote of each individual space and be matched to renters search. We have a handy “clone” listing option, to save you time creating multiple listings.

For details, check out Using Clone to Create Multiple Listings

How much does it cost to list my space?

It is 100% free to list your space, upload a calendar, and accept online bookings. If you choose to secure payment from renters upfront, there is a fee for processing payment.

How can I boost my ranking in the directory?

SpaceFinder rewards boosted ranking to the listings who are offer more convenience to busy renters looking for space. Specifically uploading a calendar, enabling space requests, and accepting credit card payment are all ways to both offer convenience and boost your visibility.

For details, check out: How to get Boosted in Search Results

How do I upload a calendar to display up-to-date availability?

Uploading a calendar is a smart way to advertise your unbooked times to those actively looking for space. The most common online calendar people use on our system is Google, but you can also use Yahoo, Outlook, and MindBody. It’s an easy copy and paste of the calendar web address, just takes a few minutes and the calendar displayed in your listing automatically updates daily.

For details, check out: 3 Steps to Uploading a Calendar

How does online booking work?

Online booking is a great way to streamline rental requests, payments, receipts and automatic reminders to renters.

For details, check out: Booking Engine Features & Benefits

Can you offer help to venues curious about starting a rentals program from scratch?

Absolutely! WorkInCulture has collected resources just for you, including:

Would you like a workshop to increase space rentals in your community?

To request a workshop about SpaceFinder or creative space rentals for your community, please contact Alex Glass, ArtsBuild Ontario at 519.880.3671 ext 103 or